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The origin of Sri Panchamukhi Hanuman can be traced  in Ramayana. During the war between Lord Rama and Ravana, he took the help of Mahiravana who is the king of pathala. Lord Hanuman was protecting Lord Ram and Lakshman by forming a fortress with his tail. Mahiravana changed his appearace as Vibeeshana and took Lord Ram and Lakshman to pathala loka. Hanuman entered pathala loka in search of Rama and Lakshmana, During the war between Rama and Laxman with    Highravana and Mahiravana. From their blood number of High Ravana and Mahiravana took birth.  So the war become endless.  Lord Hanuman got secrete and went to the place.   The diamond ——– was protected by Vayudeva the father of Lord Hanuman which spreads Amruth (Nector) on the blood of Highravana and Mahiravana which lead to the creation of number of High Ravana Maihravana.  Highrana and Mahiravana were the devotees of Vayudeva.  So Lord Hanuman should have to fight with his father.   In the battle, Lord Hanuman did not allow Vayudeva to move.  In view of this, the blowing wind stopped.  The diamond ——- unable flew    Lord Hanuman became Panchamuka Hanuman  i.e., Hanuman, Hayagriva, Narasimha, Garuda and Varaha and swallow the 5 diamond ——– .   Therefore, Rama and Laxman killed Highravana and Mahiravana very easily.

In view of Sri Raghavendraswamiji took penance for about 12 years, in the eyes of devotees this place becomes one of the most holly and place and most of the devotees after taking the darshana of Sri Raghavendraswami visit this holly place.


About 21 Km from Mantralayam. Number of autos are available without problems.

Pooja timings: Morning 6 AM to 1 PM :  Evening 3 PM to 8 PM.

Bichali ( 15 Kms )

Sri.Appanacharya was the prime student of Sri Raghavendra Swamiji. Swamiji stayed with Sri.Appanacharya in Bikshalaya  [[Bichali]] for 13 years. This place is also located on the banks of River Tunghabadra and it is 20 km from Mantralaya.  We can see Eka Shila Brindavan also.

Navavrindavana contains information about the great saints. Navabrindavanam is a holy place where brindhavanam’s of gurus of Ragavendra & followers of mathavaacharya. brindhavanam generally means saints & great rishis are living after their life. Navabrindavanam is a nice place, which is located at Anegundi, near Humpi, Karnataka. India. There are nine saints in this Brindavanam.

Navabrindavanam is a nice place, which is located at Anegundi, near Humpi, Karnataka. India. There are nine saints of great Madhwa(belonging to the kith and kin of Madhwacharya,the founder of the Dwaita or dualism tenets) are eternally resting , still alive in the “brindavanas” are the tombs of their resting places.

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Sri ibharampur apavaru (8.5kms from Mantralayam)

Swamirayararu(Gurujagannth Dasaru) “Sri Hariya krupege Guruve mukya karana ” yandu chintissi Atirohita Vimalavignanyigalada Vayudevara moree hogbekenu nishchayasidaru. Swagramake hattiravada “Badamala Doddi” yenba pavitra nirjala kshetrave sadhane ge yogyavada sthalavendu nirdharisi yarigu heldae prayana belisidru. Kshetravanu seri dehavannu, manasanu pavitragolisidaru. Jagathgurugalada vayudevaru seve arambisidaru. Seveinda olida mukyapranadevaru kanasinalli Dasra naligemele beejakshara baredaru Ninge Upadesha agute oorige hogu anta adesha madtare. Vayudevara adeshadante matte swagrama ke hordtare.1861 Roudrinama samvastra shravana suddha Mahalaxmi dindadandu kanasinalli “Sri Appavaru hagu Rayaru ” bandu patha helidaru. Dasaru endu odila , baredilla Rayaru hagu Appavaru Swapnadalli helidapathave Munde Mahatasvi hagu dasa shrestaragallu karana vaitu.

Urukunda Eeranna Swamy Temple ( 40 Kms )

The Ancient and Sacred Temple of Sri Veeranna Swamy is Located in The Urukunda Village,  Kouthanlam Mandalam, Adoni Taluk,  Kurnool District,  Andhra Pradesh.

The sage Sri Padaraja who belongs Madva Peethadipathi  visited this place and kept a power Narsingha Saligram in the peaple tree.  After sometime is over. the statue of Narasingh Swami has been kept for performing day to day pooja.  Eeranna who belongs Lingayat community became a priest of the temple,  He got some siddi.  He used his power for the welfare of the people,  Gradually, the name of the god is also called Eeranna.